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Defying the policies set by the Church of England, an Anglican priest last week took advantage of England’s new marriage equality law and married his male partner. 

When marriage equality became legal in England and Wales this year, the Church of England immediately told priests that they could neither marry people of the same sex (obviously) nor bless same-sex unions. But that didn’t stop Rev. Jeremy Pemberton from loudly and proudly marrying his longtime partner Laurence Cunnington.

“I love this man and I want to be married to him. That’s what I want. It is the same as anyone who wants to get married,” he said.

According to the Independent, the couple received public support from several pro-LGBT groups and some clergy members as well. Drew Mac, vicar of Sedbergh, wrote on Twitter, “Congratulations and best wishes — and may God bless you too!”

You tell ‘em, boys. 

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The daily MAN MEAT #273

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The daily MAN MEAT #272

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LA fashion week is a joke but THIS WAS PRETTY AMAZING

i swear this is the fiercest look i have ever seen


this is actually the coolest thing i’ve ever seen; more genders and races than you usually see on the runway during fashion week and being nonbinary is the point and it’s so beautiful omg

That opener though oh my gosh

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